Now I have to start this post with a warning, it may turn into a little bit of a rant, okay it WILL turn into a rant. The reason why is because the character I find the most annoying I also hate the most and was SOOO happy when I got to kill her in the game. That would be Whisper from Fable.

Right when I first started that game and you meet her I knew I would hate her. I hated her smug little attitude and the way she talked to me. I hated the way she would challenge me and treat me like crap and then pretend we were still buddy old palls. I knew from the begging if I ever got the chance to kill her I would! So right once I entered the arena and the game offered that I could kill her I didn’t care that I was going with the good alliance I knew she was gonna die. Now this may sound mean and I promise I don’t usually get this angry in games but she had it coming!! Oh and I know if I were to play the game again I would make the same decision without a question.


Ever since I was a kid their were two professions above all that I wanted to pursue. one was an assassin. The other was a thief. The only reason I wanted to be an assassin was so I could become a SeeD like in Final Fantasy VIII but I have always wanted to be a thief just because i thought they were so cool!! This love of thiefs has always had an influence on my selection of characters in games and even my love of characters and thats why the character I wish I were more like has always been Sly Cooper.

Sly Cooper always seemed so cool to me. The way he was portrayed in the game made him seem to be the bee’s knees! Always sneaking around to steal the next big thing, having the honor of a true thief and therefore only stealing from other criminals (because there’s no fun stealing from normal people), and being so smooth with Carmilita Fox. He was someone I looked up to when I was younger, not just because he was a thief, but also because he showed respect to his enemies and even more so to his friends. He showed you how to be a true gentlemen on and off the battle field, by leaving your calling card, giving the enemy a chance to strike, and always pulling a sneak attack. Of course I always knew I could never become a thief, I hate breaking major laws so that doesn’t work that well, but it was always a fun dream and always will be.

Day 4… My Guilty Pleasure.

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For day four im suppose to write about my guilty pleasure of a game and surprisingly this is probably the easiest for me to come up with. Of course it took a minute for it to hit more, or more appropriately for my girlfriend to tell me which one it had to be.  It would without a doubt have to be Cooking Mama. I spent WAAAAYYYY too much time on this game. I took the wii home from my girlfriends house one day and stayed up all night beating the entire game, unlocking every recipe, and perfecting everyone as well. I literally didn’t go to sleep until the sun came up and I enjoyed every minute of it. Granted I don’t think I can ever play that game again since I burnt myself out on it, but it was fun during that whole night of cookin up a storm.

For day 3 of the gaming challenge its all about the most under appreciated game. Now there are a LOT of under appreciated games, especially if you take into consideration all that came out on the NES and SNES. Yet the one that I have to throw my vote in for would have to be Monster Rancher. This was an old game that was based off a short lived anime of the same title and the greatest thing about this game wasn’t even the game play but an interesting game mechanic, if you can even call it that. To explain though it will require a little background, and that calls for another paragraph!


Within the lore of Monster Rancher if you find a rune that was disk shaped and take it to a temple you could unlock a monster that is inside. Yet the story begins with an un-expecting teenager being transported from his world into the video game and along with him comes the disk for the game which he uses to create a monster as if it were a rune. Now this is all find and dandy, and to be honest not that much of a change in game mechanics from other games. Find a rune, make a monster, train said monster, find another rune, rinse and repeat. The variation comes in how you find the runes. You don’t go on some journey through a cave or dungeon, fight some boss, and win a prized rune. No. Instead you go on a journey to your real life CD rack, grab your favorite CD, put it in the psone, and a monster is created. It broke the boundary between real life and game and made you feel as if you were a part of it. Depending on the coding on the CD depended on what monster was created so it became a hunt to discover what CD would create the best monster. I still remember My friend Logan and I searching through all the CDs we could find, trying to find the one that would create the greatest monster! Any game that can get you so excited and involved that you are searching your house for a random CD and allow you to create such fun adventurous memories like these is a treasure of a game if you ask me, and is one that deserves to be recognized.

Woohoo its day 2 of the 30 day gaming challenge! Today’s topic is what is your favorite video game character. This one is by far the easiest one for me because it is my favorite character from my favorite game. Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy VIII. Now some people didn’t’ like Final Fantasy VIII as much as the others and to be honest I think they are crazy but since another one of the questions is whats your favorite game I will leave that explanation for then.

I always loved Zell Dincht for his high energy and his fun attitude, also his style of fighting was so cool! He was someone you would love to spend time with but would get annoyed of fast because of how loud he was. I think that is also one of the reasons why I loved him. He was flawed and his flaws were part of his charm. There was no attempt to turn him into some perfect character you could never relate to, he was someone you could picture actually meeting, or actually becoming. Other than the whole running around the world to do a super attack that is.

So i have decided that I will take on this 30 days of gaming challenge. If you don’t know what it is, its simply a challenge where you answer a question about a game each day. For instance today is “what was the first game you ever played?” Other ones include “favorite game couple” or “saddest game scene.” So lets start this thing off with a bang!

The first game i recall playing was Ninja Gaiden on the NES. Most likely it wasn’t Ninja Gaiden but was something like Mario or tetris  but seeing is that is the first one i remember that’s the one i will write about. The funny thing though is for the longest time I couldn’t remember what the game was. I could always remember a certain scene in the game, the music in it, and running over to my nana’s house to play it since we gave her our NES once we got the SNES (I still wish we hadn’t). It wasn’t until listening to Ray Barnholt’s podcast “The Sound Test” when he played a song from it that I remembered the game. I still remember being down stairs in the kitchen listening to the podcast while cooking some food and then dropping everything and googling the game to check some screen shots to see if it was the game i thought it was, and it was. Regrettably i never made it past the first level because i use to suck hard core at games, but that didn’t stop me from playing that same level over and over again, and it won’t stop me from playing that same level for years to come.

Cookin with Steven!!

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A couple weeks ago I made a completely home made dinner for my girlfriend and myself. I decided to take pics of the before and after of it all for my blog!!!! Letsa go!


I started with putting a couple sliced potatoes and a sliced onion and layering them in a pan. Turned the heat up and left them to cook for 10 minutes before you flipping them!

I then took some spinach and boiled in salt water till it became this, drained it, and cooked it with garlic and cream.

Next was preparing the strawberries for dessert. I chopped a container of strawberries up and mixed them with this strawberry glaze stuff then shoved them in the fridge till it was time for dessert.

I forgot to take a pic of the steak before so here is a before before! All I did to it though was pan sear it by heating the pan first in a 400 degree oven then throwing the steaks on the pan to sear the sides and putting the whole thing, pan and steak, in the oven to cook.


Here are the pics of all the food once it was done being cooked.

Then it all together!! Quick note the cake was not a lie.

It was really good if I do say so myself. I was especially proud of how the creamed spinach turned out since I had never even tasted creamed spinach before, let alone made it! Also sorry if the photos are a little blurry or anything. I am in no way a photographer of any grade or level.